Evra 6mg/600mcg x 18 in Netherlands

Evra 6mg/600mcg x 18


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Buy Evra 6mg/600mcg x 18 in Netherlands online. Evra 6mg/600mcg x 18 in Netherlands is a transdermal contraceptive patch which provides a viable alternative to the conventional combined or mini pill contraceptive. Like the combined contraceptive pills, it works similarly to provide almost 100% efficacy in preventing conception. It contains the synthetic versions of oestrogen and progestogen in the form of norelgestromin and ethinylestradiol. The Evra 6mg/600mcg x 18 in Netherlands patch only requires to be changed once a week and as such is seen as an ideal contraceptive choice for women who are not good at the meticulous timekeeping required when taking the pill.

  • Weekly applicable contraceptive transdermal patch.
  • Practical, discreet and effective.
  • Stable and steady flow of hormones.
  • Free discreet next day delivery

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